Management of Eamonn McCormack the Irish International Blues-Rock Star, launch his brand new artist Logo today.

Eamonn McCormack & Band with New Celtic Knot Logo

Irish Singer-songwriter and guitarist Eamonn McCormack and his management team are trilled to showcase across social media his brand new artist logo. The logo was uniquely designed to represent McCormack’s music and career which is ever growing Internationally at a fast pace lately. This beautiful Logo was the creation of Top Irish master logo designer Glenn Egan in Dublin.

After listening to Eamonn’s music intensively, Glenn wanted to design a unique Celtic Irish Knot that contained Eamonn’s initials “E McC” and he wanted to stay away from cliches, like electric guitars embedded or super-imposed into the design. Keeping it uniquely Irish, strong, but not overly done. To be sure!! To be sure!!! Not a Leprechaun in sight!

For anyone not yet familiar with Eamonn McCormack or his music. His most recent album titled “Storyteller” his seventh album, which is about to be released in the USA and Canada on the 21st May this year. It has already gone Gold in Europe, reaching No. 1 in blues charts in many countries. The press loved it, giving it five star treatment in reviews and making it the Irish musician’s most critically acclaimed album to date.

Many music journalists often mention that Eamonn’s style of music, although Blues based, has a lilt of Celtic Irishness to it. When asked recently in an interview with a German Magazine, Eamonn replied: ” I don’t consciously think about it. I play a very free style, I don’t think to myself now I will add an Irish flavor to my guitar solo. One radio interviewer who plays guitar too, said to me last year, my solo in “The Great Famine” is mainly the Ionian scale (now that’s one for technical Guitar nerds!!) Which is the main scale used in Traditional Irish music. But I just played the solo off the cuff, from my heart not thinking. Maybe it’s in my DNA and I tapped into it innately, especially given the subject matter of that song, which is about the tragedy of the Irish Potato Famine.”

Throughout Eamonn’s career, which has spanned a few decades, he has never had an artist logo. But on the advice of his new management team he certainly has a great one now. After just one look, Eamonn knew the Logo was for him. It has it all, he was quoted saying “a Celtic vibe, I see a heart, a kind of unusual guitar pick shape too!, and a ‘V’ for Victory, but a peaceful victory, not a harsh one of triumph in battle or war. Plus it has my initials hidden inside and the only one of its type in the world. I love it.

Let’s leave you with a quote about “Storyteller” album, from a review by Andre Wittebroek:

“With” Storyteller “the band released a beautiful CD. Lyrics that matter, masterful guitar playing, great rhythm section and all of that topped with that recognizable, melancholic, blues-rocking Irish sound. Definitely a must for every Rory Gallagher, Thin Lizzy and ditto music lover. …………………………………….Blues Magazine,  Holland