Eamonn has been endorsing FGN guitars for nearly ten years now. FGN are the prestige house brand from the Famous Japanese Guitar building factory Fujigen. The Fujigen factory are making fine guitars for sixty years now and they have been the go to factory for Ibanez, Epiphone (Gibson) and Fender. So they certainly know how to build a super guitar. Eamonn has 4 FGN’s and another beauty on the way. You can see his FGN’s in the Gear section of this offical website. You can also visit the Gear Endorsement section on this site for links to FGN distributor in Germany which is a great company called Musik Technik in Marburg, Germany and a link to the UK and Irish distributor CUK Audio in the UK.

Here are also a few photos of Eamonn with his beautiful FGN’s

FGN Elan

FGN J-Standard

“FGN Guitars are some of the finest built guitars in the world. They not only look great, they are a pleasure to play and sound fantastic. Everything you need in a great instrument. I love them and that’s why I endorse them” Eamonn McCormack March 2019


FGN AG-1 Acoustic

Watch this space we will also be running a competition to win a “FREE FGN Electric Guitar” soon, signed by Eamonn himself.
Furthermore there will be a string of youtube videos coming next month featuring Eamonn and his band and he’ll be playing cool FGN guitars.

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